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Playtex bottles and Drop in liners FAQS

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 Can Drop-Ins Liners be reused?

Re-use of Drop-Ins bottle liners is not recommended. The advantage of Playtex Disposable Liners is that each Drop-Ins liner is pre-sterilized allowing for the most sanitary condition possible for feeding your child. Simply washing the liners is not satisfactory and due to the disposable nature of the liners continued re-use will rapidly cause them to breakdown.

 Can the teat, cap and ring be used on other bottles?

These parts are designed exclusively for use with Playtex holders and liners.

 Can other teats, caps and rings be used on Playtex bottles?

Using the components designed for the Playtex Nurser system will ensure that optimum benefit may be obtained from that system.

How Do I Sterilise the Bottles?

The bottle holders use pre-sterilized disposable liners saving time because you do not need to sterilize the bottle before each use. Please note, in order to ensure proper functionality of this system Playtex recommend that you DO NOT BOIL or STEAM STERILIZE the bottle holder, teat or liner. All components may be cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher or hand washed.

 How do you read the measurements on the Drop-Ins?

Ounce markings are indicated on the Drops-Ins liners, however, due to the transparent and flexible design of the liners, the measurements may be difficult to read. If you have trouble reading the measurements on the liner itself, refer to the markings on the holder. All measurements are approximate.

 Can teats be boiled after each use?

Playtex suggests that all teats be boiled for 5 minutes prior to first use. After each use, wash teats in hot, soapy water for about one minute and rinse thoroughly. Silicone teats are best suited for boiling or steam sterilising, but should nevertheless be checked continuously before each use for cracks, tears or signs of excess wear.

 Can bottle warmers be used to heat Playtex Disposable Bottles?

Due to the variety of bottle warmers available Playtex Disposable Bottles have not been tested in all types of bottle warmers. Use of a bottle warmer is at your own risk but if you do choose to use a bottle warmer please follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for using with a disposable product and ensure that the contents are at a safe temperature before feeding your baby.

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